Sunday , January 17 2021

Tomoya Nakamura, “Because he is a human being aura 0”, without being noticed even when walking in the city – My news from Navi

  1. Tomoya Nakamura, even if I was walking around the city, I did not notice it at all.My news from Navi
  2. Occasionally, a confrontation between players and water players and the 49th Best Dress Award Ceremony at Street Fighter Voricon
  3. Tomoya Nakamura is a “human Aura 0” “I did not even notice walking around the city last year.”
  4. Minami Tanaka and Tomoya Nakamura won the award for the best dresser “Sorry” “I am happy”My news from Navi
  5. Minami Tanaka B Ferser Award “I am delighted”Nikan Sports
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