Sunday , January 17 2021

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will continue with “GoTo Travel” “Eat” suspended new edition (Mainichi Shimbun) – Yahoo!

  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Continue GoTo Travel Eat Suspends New Publication (Mainichi Shimbun)Yahoo News!
  2. “Go to” Sapporo City and Osaka City will be temporarily excluded Tokyo Travel Company “How to eat”living door
  3. Governor “does not plan to oust Iwate”, Tatsumasu in Go To / Iwate | IBC NEWSNews broadcasting
  4. Pay attention to safe travel near GoTo Chartered Taxi My pace travel (Shizuoka Prefecture)SBSnews6
  5. Temporary exclusion from Sapporo, Osaka “Go” … Criticism of the “coal regulation” eruption “Departure” from the excluded areas continues to diminishSports Nippon Shimbun
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