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Today's stock exchange prospects are too high, we can not buy it before consecutive holidays of weak yen that we support Reuters

TOKYO, November 22 (Reuters) – The average Nikkei number is expected to have a significant increase in today's Tokyo market. Although it is believed that the purchase will precede the exchange of yen against the yen, the situation of high volatility continues, the attitude of active buying is easy to limit.

Because domestic ones will be three consecutive holidays, sales of pressure by adjusting the position seems to be a problem.

The expected Nikkei range is 21,400 ¥ – ¥ 21,700.

On the US market the day before, the synthesis of Nasdaq and S & P a total of 500 species increased, but the Dow slowed flat and finished flat. Although refunded crude oil prices and purchased energy supplies, Apple (AAPL.O) Do not continue to buy shares of the company rejected. Meanwhile, the optimistic view of the Italian budget prospects has risen and the dollar has fallen. A yen considered a safe asset is also sold, and the dollar / yen is currently around 113 yen.

Nikkei's average price in December, the night-time closing price of the Osaka Stock Exchange is 21,690 yen. The value of liquidation on the Chicago Stock Exchange (denominated in yen) is 21,000 yen. Both are above the closing prices of the previous day index, and the Nikkei average should begin to deter market in Tokyo in the morning.

The US market is closed tonight due to Thanksgiving. Because the Tokyo market is a holiday, the next 23 days will be closed. At the end of this month, a meeting of 20 countries / regions (G20) is scheduled for the US-China summit. It is easy for the attitude of trying to discover the way of a trade issue with the United States and China, and medium and long-term investment entities hardly move funds. While lightning is anticipated, short-term muscle trading futures are approaching a situation where the index of the site can be viewed up and down.

The index of rice US VIX rice, which is said to show the psychological anxiety of investors, did not keep volatility as foreign reserves, while the VIX maintained a level above 20. While concerns about the future of the global economy glowed over Japanese stocks, "It's likely to be pushed by selling after returning, there are scenes that will fall to minus." (Utaka Miura, Senior Technical Analyst Mizuho Securities) There are voices that come out.

Today's main schedule will be released in Japan in October at the national level of the CPI (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). The monthly economic report will be published after the closure. Abroad, the European Central Bank (ECB) will publish a summary of the October board meeting.

Last Business Closing Day Price Year high high Year beginning of the year at a low level

Nikkei average. N 225 21507.54 24448.07 20347.49

-75.58 2 October 2018 26 March 2018

Chicago Nikkei average futures December 21650 (denominated in yen)

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