Sunday , February 28 2021

The 5th station of the Ryuo war is for attacking and defending over the silver … At 3 o’clock, Ryuo Toyoshima is a manju, and Hanyu Kudan is a strawberry – Yomiuri Shimbun

  1. The 5th station Ryuo Battle is for attack and defense over the silver … snack from 3 o’clock is Toyoshima Ryuo Manju, Hanyu 9th Dan is strawberryYomiuri Shimbun
  2. Zenji Hanju, 9th Dan 40 wins, Akira Watanabe 38 wins, gold card at the 79th station realized on the 3rd round of the NHK Cup on December 6 (Hirofumi Matsumoto) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo News!
  3. Is the key to victory a nap? Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo reveals “rain bench” on rainy day “I wore an eye mask” “Is he an encouraging member …”[ABEMA TIMES]| ABEMA TIMESTIMES
  4. [Генералот што гледа]A person who shines in tradition, Japanese swordsman’s clothingYomiuri Shimbun
  5. Cruel World Begins Tense Early Play in Hakone Ryuo Battle, 7th Match, 5th Station, Zenji Hanju, 9th Dan-Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo (Hirofumi Matsumoto)Yahoo News!
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