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Max Felstapen “I’m having fun in the battle for 2nd place” / Red Bull Honda F1[]

Max Felstapen

Red Bull Honda F1 Max Felstapen claims that he “accepts” the situation when he is not yet an F1 world champion, but he also looks forward to competing for second place behind Lewis Hamilton.

Apart from the miracles and the unexpected accident of Lewis Hamilton, Max Felstapen is almost unlikely to take the title of the youngest champion of Sebastian Better in the history of F1. This year was my last chance to break that record.

Red Bull Honda is eager to challenge Mercedes, but the introduction of new F1 regulations has been postponed until 2022 and there is no doubt that next year will be another season dominated by Mercedes, fighting on almost the same machine. It is considered.

It is a situation that Max Felstapen can hardly handle with his own hands, and he must be reluctantly satisfied as long as he makes every effort to get the best out of his and his team’s performance. Felstapen says he knows that.

“I have to accept the situation I am in,” Max Felstapen told a news conference after the F1 Portugal GPP final, which finished third behind Lewis Hamilton and Bartelli Botas.

“Otherwise, if you do not accept it, you will be a very frustrated person. That is what I am doing.”

“When I come to the Grand Prix, I always try to get the most out of it. It’s a good motivation. I get closer to the limit, I push the car to the limit, and the team does everything it can. If you know, you can enjoy the 3rd and 2nd place. “

“I think the staff made great pit stops in Portugal as well. They not only motivate me, they motivate me. I look forward to it. After all, I all want to win, but if it’s impossible, it’s impossible.” .

Max Felstapen also reiterates that the title of “youngest world champion in the history of F1” does not mean much to him.

“I don’t think I care much about it when I’m 40 or 50,” said Max Felstapen.

“I want to look back when I am 40 or 50 years old. I want to ask myself in the mirror: “Did you make the most of it? “

“I’m happy to say ‘yes’ at the time. Seven titles or zeros require a little luck to be on the right team at the right time.”

“Sometimes things will not work out, but I will see what happens. I am still a few years old and I hope things change.”

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