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"If you defeat G2 Esports ……" Season 8 champion G2 Esports Pengu short interview 【Season 8】 – "Rainbow Six Siege" special location

Date published: 2018-11-19 22:05:00

The local time season of the Professional League of the Rainbow Six Siege, held from 17 to 18 November 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The main competition will be the world championship where the first two professional league teams in Europe, Latin America, North America, the APAC region will take part in the World Cup in the season 8 of Japan. The revenge with Rag, who fought in the 7th quarter final, won a brilliant 2-1. Despite the fact that she performed the revenge of the Rogue, the semi-final FaZe Clan failed to communicate smoothly to the team and was defeated 2-0. However, for the first time I got the best result of APAC.

Season 8 finale became G2 Esports versus FaZe Clan, which is said to be the strongest. I think that FaZe Clan, who revived the list and played in the resurrection, explodes with the cheering of local Brazil and breaks the G2 Espors, also violates the strongest name in the world G2 Esports, the result is 2-0 G 2 Esports There is a win. After six instigated 2018, the Sixth Major of Paris, he also won the victory in the league season 8.

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▲ G2 Esports defeated the Brazilian team FaZe Clan, who is said to be a winning candidate in the big spot. Presenting that he is alive or strengthened — "I can not imagine the tactics to win the G2 Esports," he said, "It's the content of the game that will cover the riot that" Teams to win G2 Esports will emerge "from now and so on. It is enough to manage the ESL of the professional league.

From here, we will deliver an interview to the G2 Esports Pengu after the win. How did Pengu's players who are popular in the world see the battle of the Nara association? In addition, I also struck the problem of "defeating G2 Esports".

The other side was afraid of G2 and it made us stronger †


– The final game FaZe Clan game imagined a long game on the 3rd card, but in fact G2 Esports was still good. The second map was a victory, but how was it actually to fight and fight?

PenguIt was not an easy victory when I was going all over. Of course, the coast of the second map is easy to do because it has confidence, but the banks of the First Card were quite tortured. Team colleague She worked well because individual individual performances interfered and believed in each other,To be honest, I thought it was very scary and it was not easy.

– In the final of the 7th season, Major Sixth Parid, there was a baptized crucifix. In particular, although the final was held in the United States, the support of the Brazilian team was incredible, and in fact G2 Escotti lost Team Liquid's explosive power. I think that this time I felt the pressure in the remote environment, but even so it seemed to me that I was accustomed to the past.

PenguI have confidence in season 7 and sixth Major Paris this year, I am more secure than before. Moreover, it seemed that we were afraid of our opponents, I think we can use the fear of the other side more favorably. I think the other side was afraid of us G2 Esports and I think it made us stop it.


It is said that it is no longer possible to see the tactics of defeating G2 Esports in the country. If you are not a G2 Esports player, how do you think to kill G2 Esports?

PenguI think it's useless if you're psychologically scared. More than nothing, to play "your game". In the FaZe Clan semifinal game, if the Nara Association played games that she wanted to do, she was probably the third maid
But I think it was delivered. I think the Evil Genius, the Team Secret and the Nara Association are the best teams now.

– Please, inform your impressions of the Nara Association game this time.

PenguIn the past three tournaments, I prefer to deal with the Nara Association. I also played on a tournament called RAGE. When I saw this success, I felt that I became the top 5 and top 6 teams in the world.

– Finally, please send a message to the Japanese fan community.

PenguAlthough I stayed in Japan with RAGE, I got a very crazy and valuable experience. There is a wonderful fan base in Japan. The Nara Association showed its soul playing in this tournament. I think Voca is a sophisticated player. Thank you!

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