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Black hair should definitely be read! If you make a mistake, it will look difficult … How to make clean eyebrows for Mr. Black Hair – Peach – Live Door News

    Black hair should definitely be read! If you make a mistake, it will look difficult ... How to make clean eyebrows in black hair

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I’m Sachiko Endo, a beauty writer. Many people may be worried about how to make eyebrows that can change the look of the face. Not only the shape but also the color is a problem, and the problem is getting deeper. I hear such a voice. This time, I will introduce how to make Mr. Black Hair’s eyebrows look heavy if you make a mistake.

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Points to be careful about so that black hair does not make a serious impression

1: Do not draw too dark

The most important thing is not to draw your eyebrows too dark. This is because if you draw your eyebrows too long, they will probably look heavy, regardless of the color.

Therefore, you need to focus on that point when choosing the cosmetics to be used. When using an eyebrow pencil, avoid those with a soft, deep core.

Even when using an eyebrow pencil, it is important to always use a brush with a screw to adjust the flow of hair and blur it, and then apply powder or mascara on top to adjust the color.

When finishing with eyebrow powder, be careful not to apply too much powder on the brush.

2: Do not try to match the hair color

You want your eyebrows to be the same color as your hair, but you don’t have to. Instead, by making your eyebrows a little lighter so that they are not too far apart, you can avoid making your face look dull and end up with clean eyebrows.

However, even if you suddenly use an eyebrow object with a color that is far from the ground eyebrows, the finish will be a scrub. Therefore, keep in mind that the tone of the whole eyebrows is always the same.

Cosmetics are used this time

The cosmetics used this time are as follows. The point is to choose non-pearl eye shadows and eyebrow mascara that can be applied in layers over the eyebrows to change the shades.

This is because those with pearls look as if their eyebrows have disappeared depending on how the light hits them.

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