Monday , September 28 2020

Zdravje, Emiliano: «New services in pharmacies in Puglia»


The new services are arriving at Pugua's pharmacies, in addition to drug sales and some trials have already begun. The Regional Council has in fact approved a resolution formally launching a path aimed at guaranteeing access to state funds – 3m euros for Pu Pa – and laying the foundations for a timetable for experimental activities to be submitted for evaluation by the Ministry of Health. . The national guidelines identify three macro-areas of reference: cognitive services, pre-office and first-level analysis, telemedicine. The region's president, Michele Emiliano, made the remark in a note.

"The great and intensive work of close collaboration between the Region, Local Health Authorities and approximately 1,250 public and private sector pharmacies continues to deliver excellent results," Emiliano said. "The Pu Regiona region is actually among the top 9 Italian regions involved in the experiment. to identify new services provided by pharmacies within the National Health Service (Piedmont, Lazio and Puigas in 2018, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Sicily in 2019 and Veneto, Umbria and Campania in 2020), e obtain funds from the National Health Fund. " "We have always regarded pharmacies – he continues – as full-fledged multipurpose social-health facilities on the territorial assistance network, to guarantee the usability of basic levels of assistance, also in terms of widespread diffusion." "The resolution approved – it will continue – will also allow, thanks to the qualified support of provincial pharmacists' orders," "to further qualify the offer of new social and health services and to be closer to the needs of all clients."

Some additional services in pharmacies (vaccination commitment certification, colorectal screening, therapeutic compliance project for asthmatic pathology and influenza campaign) have already begun in Puglia now, among the newly identified pre-services, activation and consultation of the electronic health record maximum diffusion, aimed at improving interoperability among different healthcare professionals. For telemedicine services we will continue on the basis of already available technological infrastructures, as in the case of telecardiology. The identification was based on the work of the Regional Commission on Pharmacy Services (Regional Health Department, Ares Puigas, public and private contract pharmacies, pharmacist orders) for the application of national guidelines; planned single provincial pilot projects, also based on epidemiological assessments and cognitive services to reconcile drug therapy and follow-up of therapeutic compliance.

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