Monday , September 20 2021

“You are not the only one here”

Stefania Orlando loses her temper with Tomamazo Zorzi at Big Brother’s Vip House.

The announcement of the continuation of the fifth edition of Big brother Vip warmed up the already tense atmosphere of House The most famous from Italy. Tomaso Zorzi is disappointed by Francesco Opini e Stephanie Orlando he takes the influencer sharply for his words.

Vip big brother Stefania Orlando loses his temper with Tomaso Zorzi

How to blow up the tenants of Big brother Vip? Easy, just announced live that fifth edition of reality show it will take two months. Competitors of House на Cinecittà they reacted rather badly to this news, tired of prison and eager to accept their tenderness. Tomaso Zorzi, in particular, he did not digest Francesco Opini who immediately gave up, announcing that he was ready to leave the program. Zorci became angry with Opini, accusing his friend of being selfish and wanting to leave him, so much so that after the complaints he left the blue room to sleep with Elizabeth Gregory. Although exaggerated, the influence of the influencer is filled with patience Stephanie Orlando e Road to Maria Teresa, who in recent months have always shown a penchant for Thomas. The words of the two hosts do not seem to have any effect Force who is ready to wage war against Francesco.

Tomaso Zorzi makes Maria Teresa Ruta cry towards Gf Vip

Exhausted by the situation and the words of Del ieifino full of dissatisfaction, La Way cried and admitted: “I was freezing for half an hour to make him smile, he does not think about others”. On desperate cries на Maria Teresa immediately attracted the attention of Stefanija e Thomas, who ran for cover trying to explain that he did not underestimate her friendship. There Orlando throw some digging in Force, reiterating the fact that if Opini he wants to go out because his girlfriend is out and waiting for him as well as work. To the influential multiple response of the influencer, Stefanija exploded and said: “But, Stefanija, what?” You are not the only one here. We have all had a tram ride, this is for everyone! Sorry if I always loved you! ” Thomas ignored the provocation, but there seems to be a good outburst in the program Gf.

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