Thursday , September 24 2020

Xiaomi patents a five-camera smartphone


Xiaomi-mi-note 10-redmi-pentacamera-penta-smartphone

Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 on Xiaomi they were launched last week with a five-camera system. By counting the room for selfies, you get a total six sensors on both phones. But what if you have those five rear cameras that double as selfie camcorders?

Fantastic, right? This can only happen on the basis of a patent Xiaomi recently announced. Of course, Xiaomi didn't comment on the recent patent, but the fans were impressed. Will this be just the addition of cameras or will there be a significant improvement in the camera department?

Xiaomi is focusing on cameras for upcoming curling smartphones

According to the published patent ofNovember 8Xiaomi could make a folding phone with five popup cameras. The folding phone has a folding screen outside and, depending on how you hold it, the five cameras can be rear or front cameras.

When the device is open, the cameras are on the left side and thicker. It also has the battery and other components that make up the phone. It is important to say that even if there is a design patent, it does not mean that we could see a real product at a relatively early time.

Xiaomi has yet to release its folding device, although we have seen videos of a working prototype. In September, the manufacturer announced I MIX Alpha, a flexible display phone wrapped around the device. Xiaomi claims it will sell a limited amount of these devices in the future.

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