Saturday , September 26 2020

X019, PC and Xbox One news from Microsoft event in London


It is difficult to assess events Microsoft from the press, until now. Make no mistake: they are all well-lubricated media machines that keep players updated on new house strategies and create some healthy hype for platform fans, but by now it is pretty clear how every opportunity of this kind is used primarily to strengthen links. with the community, and outreach is mainly secondary thought. We understand, Phil Spencer and his team worked hard to strengthen the brand Xbox in recent years and have focused on customer experience and services. With Game Pass clearly at the forefront of future strategies and the evident desire not to close house titles on a single platform, we expected an event still very focused on themes of this kind, perhaps with an announcement of extravagance to enrich the experience. Microsoft, on the other hand, has decided to shoot a few hats on stage while still centralizing the discussion about Game Pass and XCloud project. No announcement could bring the arena down (one in particular made us shake our heads), but at least they show good will to cover the closure of this generation by exploiting their main teams, waiting for Scarlett.

Game Blast it to the full

As already pointed out, it would be crazy for Spencer and his team not to stress once again the incredible offer of Nail (currently available for three months in the final version for a ridiculous 1 €). During the show many new games were released, and if some were already predictable enough – above all Definitive Edition Age of Empires II and REGIES 2 – others have presented many welcome surprises, such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soon in the console version of Pass along with Darksiders 3, My friend is Pedro and the new one Life is weird 2, besides a very remarkable list of arrivals planned for 2020, too Flight simulator, Teken 7, a continuation of Ori and Wasteland 3 (which we also had the opportunity to try on site). The "really" unexpected additions come from Japan, however, as Spencer apparently made deals with NOW and Enix Square, guaranteeing the Xbox series of titles to consider.

on Yakuza, for example, they will arrive next year with Pass with Zero, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 (then some of the best and most recent titles in the saga), where the square will bring nothing but series Final fantasy me too The hearts of the kingdom. Virtually all of Final Fantasy from seven on should be available on both consoles and PCs, while the "only" Kingdom Hearts before 3 will be part of the package, though Spencer has said he wants to bring the series in full over the short introductory presentation in the afternoon. In short, an elusive blend that draws attention to Japanese developers and may open the door to more expressive collaborations with the sunrise ahead of the future.

As we talk about the future, however, it is necessary to bring out the new releases, as several truly significant software house projects, including obsessed, DontnoD, is rare. Now, we haven't seen much of it Everwild, the new title of the historic British software house, but seems to be an extremely innovative project, focused on setting rich in nature and mysticism. Advanced instead Tell me why, a highly narrated studio-entranced video game, specifically Donto, already specialized in adventures of this kind, but more than ever struggling to cope (the protagonists are twins, and Tyler is a transgender character whose team worked very hard). For our part, full confidence for this team when it comes to such jobs.

Instead of less exaltation instead grounded, the new work of the obsessive. Okay, it's a smaller project, developed by a small in-house team to create something alternative and experimental, but it still seemed too simplistic to survive with a very young purpose, at a time when the team was restoring its importance and dignity to the last period. It is difficult to say what pushed the house towards this project, but it is still possible to develop it in interesting ways: the premise of miniature nature protagonists is still quite valid.

Well, finally, updating Sea of ​​Thieves (The soul of the seabed, obviously much more driven by story than usual) – Microsoft rightly continues to support the game – and to reveal the game to Age of empires 4, from which we expected some concrete news. Me too Ninja Theoryhowever, they reappeared with their competitors over the Internet Bleeding Edge: we tested it and it didn't seem to change much since the last build, despite some significant technical improvements.

The rest of the conference? So, XCloud project Obviously, for Spencer this is a very important service for the future and it seems that it wants to support all sorts of peripherals and platforms (even those in the competition, since PlayStation DualShock is also supported), the offers coming for Black Friday (with big discounts on consoles and controllers), a bit inevitable Minecraft, with a very cute Mines dungeons and new enemies discovered for Minecraft Earth. There was also room for a healthier game than Sorry reach on the computer (which still remains a highly anticipated title in the Master Chief Collection), CrossFireX, Artificial escape and Star Wars – Eddy: Decline (but we will discuss the latter very soon with the overview).

Quite simply, a very meaty event, yet clearly transitional, with a clear desire to support the services that get the best of the public and the next-generation core teams. We were expecting more or less this and we were not disappointed.

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