Saturday , January 16 2021

With the arrival of Mercedes Aston Martin dreams big – Auto World

Mercedes will gradually increase its sticking to Aston Martin under a technology agreement “Really revolutionary”, reads the note issued by the British carmaker, which will be the basis of the company’s plan double sales by 2025. The agreement strengthens existing cooperation between the two companies and provides for Aston Martin access to Mercedes technology, including electric and hybrid engines. In a statement, Aston said the deal was included “Propulsion architecture and electrical / electronic architecture to launch all new products by 2027”. Aston Martin has so far refused to specify in detail which products are planned under the new contract, but the new one CEO of the British company, Tobias Moers, said the first Aston vehicles using the deal technology will be launched late next year.

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The manager also said that since “It will take some time to introduce the technology into different products”, will be “New product boom in 2023”. With the new contract, Aston Martin set a goal sell about 10,000 vehicles a year by 2025 and has a target turnover of around 2 2 billion. For comparison, the British brand sold 5,862 cars last year. Lawrence Stroll, whose investment consortium completed its acquisition of Aston Martin earlier this year, said 10,000 vehicles would consist of front-wheel drive sports cars. “Portfolio of new SUV products”, hinting at new high-wheelbase models to join the recently launched DBX on the market. About 20-30% of Aston sales by 2024 will be hybrid models. Stroll has finally said that the company does not plan to launch a fully electric model before 2025.

By increasing its stake in Aston Martin to a maximum of 20% the German giant will become one of the largest shareholders of the British company. The Stuttgart-based company’s technologies will be provided “on commercial terms”. Mercedes already owned about a 2.3% stake in Aston Martin as part of a deal involving the development of a V8 for Aston by its sports division AMG. On the shores of Aston Martin, Stroll finalized the deal “Moment of transformation”, adding that “With this new understanding, we provide access to world-class technologies to support our long-term product expansion plans, including electric and hybrid powertrains. “This partnership strengthens our confidence in the future.”. A future to which, starting next year, the return will return Aston Martin among the official teams in Formula 1.

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