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Wind regala oggi internet illimitato. Minimum client speed limit of 5 Mbps – | Telephony | Offerte


Oggi, 10 November 2019, Wind you have to decide on a birthday celebration, regalando un'intera giornata di internet illimitato he propri client ricaricabile, abbonamento and part IVA con o senza offerta attiva.

La promosione Internet Illimitato in the Wind, come preview, and are available automatically for all tutorials domenica 10 november 2019, 00:00 alle 23:59. The clientele is not available at all. Domani, 11 November 2019, La promo verrà automaticamente disattivata.

The GIGA Wind client is the proprietor of GIGA available with propria offerta beneficianno della promos. Alcuni client Wind, in casino di extrasoglia, pay 99 cents per euro for 1 Giga to use at 23:59 downloaded. Nowadays, if you are looking for cost-effective non-dovrebbe essere additives, they come specifically for the Ufficial site of the operator and Giga saranno illimitati.

The promotions are valid solo for sviluppate concessions Italy in 4G LTE, HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE or GPRS capability with GSM congestion escalation and traffic effetuato to access

Your e-mail stesa initiative stata proposta domenica is 9 December 2018, anche questa volta, the client has Wind speeds that are limited by velocity. Se l'anno scorso il limite di velocita à stato fissato a 3 Mbps in download e 1 Mbps in upload, the flight is limited and the status quo is a 5 Mbps in download e 1 Mpbs in upload (ndr MondoMobileWeb invites you and your personal information at Wind a raccontare the proprietor of an experience not listed on this article).

Wind Speed ​​Test Guidonia Montecelio

E giusto precisare che ci sono invece Client Wind che non hanno riscontrato alcun limit nella propria connessione dati. The speed limit (CAP) is not present on the server, come with Guidonia Montecelio.

The limits are solitary alcuni client sails, Wind perché clienti 3, iliad o PosteMobile, operator che al giorno d'oggi as appoggiano all rete Wind Three, non hanno avcu alcun problem in dati con.

For console in real time to the new operator, You can also get free telegram from MondoMobileWeb Telegram to find out more about mobile telephony.


Wind Three ha specifics, with conditions and promotions for free and automatic on November 10, 2019 published on the official site, the velocity of efficacy in navigating variations in the number of qualifying ad esempio tecnologia diets, copyrights, intensities of trafficking and dispositive use. The traffic is limited and the service used to control the criterion in the feed and corrosion rate.

Promotionsinternet illimitato"As attiva in automatico, quindi il cliente non decidere di disattivarla, in quanto verrà bloccata automaticamente solo domani, lunedì November 11, 2019, where the situation is normal, second quanto comunicato del Servizio Clienti.

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