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Why eating late makes you fat? Here's what time to eat to lose weight

Why eating late makes you fat? It was discovered by a team of researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Researchers have found a direct link between late dinner and weight gain. After studying the diet of some of the people in the study, the researchers concluded that the delayed diet corresponds to an increase in body weight and a higher ratio of carbon dioxide produced by the body to the consumed oxygen. Eating late, in other words, results in the metabolism of less fat and carbohydrates thus accumulating. The same research has shown that meal times, especially dinner times, also have an impact on hormonal levels. Specifically, during the early weeks of the week, peaks were already recorded during the morning of the galen, or appetite-stimulating hormone, while at the time of the leptin aphasia, the satiety hormone, arrived many hours later. In other words, eating soon allows you to feel full longer and thus eat less, without affecting the balance of meals and providing the body with all the nutrients it needs.

What time to eat not to lose weight? There are many school thoughts. According to some studies, the perfect dinner is between 19 and 20. This is because it is better to go to sleep, because growth hormone and somatomedin, which promote fat mass and tissue regeneration, work better on an empty stomach. "Timing – explains dietician Ana Kosovich of Pesophora – is a new concept of diets that relate to the biorhythms and intake of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). According to the timeline, the meal schedule is very long, which should always be four a day: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Ideal classes? Breakfast between 7am and 8pm, lunch between 12am and 2pm, snacks around 4pm and dinner between 7pm and 8pm ».

Which fruit to eat after dinner to avoid weight gain? The first tip is not to go to dinner with too much hunger. Therefore, a light snack in the middle of the afternoon will be a must. “It is better to consume an easy second course in combination with a side dish and some bread, rice or cereals. Choosing to eat early – advises dietician Claudia Cambria – sometimes you can opt for a plate of pasta, always using light spices. " Eating fruit late at night does not increase the risk of fat. Eating fruit in the evening is a choice of food that is good for your health. However, there is no better type of fruit to eat after dinner, everything is always related first to the meal, then to one's digestive activity. Remember that fruits are essentially made up of water, sugars and fiber. Having a carbohydrate-rich dinner after dinner, which includes, for example, pasta or potatoes, only further increases the glycemic load of the whole meal and can cause problems with a swollen stomach, so it is preferable to avoid bringing it to the table. If dinner involves eating meat, however, it may be useful to consume a piece of fresh pineapple. The bromine it contains helps digest protein. Kiwi or vitamin C-rich citrus fruits facilitate the assimilation of iron from food. The fruit should never replace an entire evening meal. This choice is not effective. First of all because the fruit just doesn't have all the basic macronutrients for a balanced meal.

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