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Who's out there hoping, out: Italy Italian Manzo for Euro2020 | News

"At the time of gatherings we will have to go to Conclave, because it will be difficult to keep the boys out. It must be a great regret". like that Roberto Mancini to race the race on Palermo againstArmenia. It may be a disappointment, of course, but CT has many months to get used to the idea and choose the easiest way to communicate his choices which, for the most part (he has said this several times alone).
Each call involves between 25 and 30 players, Euro 2020 will be only 23, so it is clear that some players have become accustomed to breathing air in the last few months. Coverciano will be disappointed. "They dance in two or three places, no more," il said Mancio already last June, adding a very important concept: where there are ballots, who will be able to play multiple roles will be favored. Here's who he is already safe for the place and who, instead, must earn it.

Already assigned to the role of first and second (Donarumama and Sirigu), Golini's debut against Bosnia must not be deceived: for Meredith it is almost done.

that Florenzi (right) st Emerson (left), more Spinazzola, which still goes back and forth between camp and paramedic. To say (and wish him well) is good, only a vacancy remains in the role of a right-back. If you play that D & # 39; Ambrosio, De Sciglio and Di Lorenzo. Good fight: Inter and Juventino could be favored for their flexibility, as they can play both sides and play the role of a third defender when attacking Italy (in the development of the offensive game, the Azzurri move to a 3 -2-5); outside of Naples Manzo recognizes the technical qualities perhaps superior to those of both rivals. Biraghi may return to play in the event of inaccessibility to Spinazola's left.

If there will be no bumps in rebuilding Chiellini, Juventus number 3 will be there. Indeed, he will be the leader and captain. With him also called Bonucci and Acerbia, which has overtaken everyone in the last few months, until the role of first choice behind the two bancers. It stays in theory and, as far as CT values ​​it, is one of the most serious contenders Iananluca Mancini. Romagnoli is rapidly losing ground. Not to be outdone, however, by Ico, who can really be rewarded with his flexibility, given the ability to cover the role of feedback.

pretty sure Orgorginho, Verrati, Barella, Sensei, Pellegrini (now injured, can also be used as an external offensive). Tonali now has a leg and a half until Euro 2020, Zaniolo, if he does not make a mistake in his behavior as well (he also exploits an outside attacker to play a card of elasticity). At this point there will be no room for Castroville, who has just joined the group but was highly valued by Mancini, and Cristante slowed down with a serious injury.

External attacks
that Bernardeski, Church and Insignia. The possibility of using Pellegrini and outside attackers, too Zaniolo El Farawi's involvement makes it difficult, but not interrupted, like Keane's, if he returns to play consistently and behave well. For now the former Juventus player is out.

Belothi also did they will go to the Europeans. Balotelli? He does not prove he has what the coach is looking for: no 90-minute breaks, more team play, self-control in protests that have made him risk playing cards. To make a living Europeans have to improve, fast, a lot of things … Maybe too much.

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