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who is? Reality, boys and a book

Tomaso Zorzi is one of the discoveries of this fifth season of Big Brother Vip. But his career started a long time ago! Let’s find out more about him together!


Tomaso Zorzi that is impact e content creator Milanese. Hour 1995 Tomaso comes from a family of “Milan wellAnd she has a younger sister named Gaia

His father and mother, however, they are separate and this really is there hurt the young man’s relationship with the father figure. On the other hand, however, it is Tomaso very attached to his mother Amanda, to whom, however, he feels guilty that he was not always the son he deserved.

Tomaso Zorzi studied a London, where he lived in one of the houses owned by his family, where he studied Economics and Business Management. From there, at the age of 18, he confessed to his parents to be gay How? By email.

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Tomaso Zorzi: from Ricanza to Big Brother


Her first appearance of tv was “Ricanza”, MTV program that follows the lives of some rich young Italians. He then participated in “Dance, Dance, Dance” and continued the journey by participating in Beijing Express, paired with Paola Caruso.

But it is true affirmation television has arrived recently. Because he entered the house of Older brother, in fact, he has won most of spectators. To date, according to polls, it is a favorite in in public!

Tomaso Zorzi: “loser” in beauty

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Tomaso Zorzi she had various love affairs, but none of them is ended well. Among the most famous people with whom he can not mention Marco Ferrero (aka Iconize) with which, however, things do not conclude in the best way.

More recently, however, Force he knew Armando, Milanese designer with whom everything was born for fun. Tommy, in fact, he wanted his fans to believe he had found love but in the end, he really is for inube. Even there, things stand still fast shipwreck.

Exactly for his bad luck in love, the influencer wrote a book: ““We are all good to each other’s boys.” It’s a story about some of his alter ego, Filippo Villa, which fulfills only human or very special cases faithful. The cover is also iconic, with one color of banana dance!

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In short, Thomas is still watching of the love of his life. In the meantime, she has to comfort him and never leave him alone Ildilda, her beloved dog.

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