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«We've seen each other twice, he's crazy like me»


Asia Argento, the whole truth about flirting with Corona: «Fabrizio I've seen him twice, he's crazy like me»

Asia Silver empty the bag and tell everything about his relationship Fabrizio CoronaDuring the broadcast "# CR4 – La Repubblica delle donne", in an interview with Piero Chiambretti, the actress stated: "First of all I would like to say that I have seen Fabrizio twice, let him live and be calm! Ours is not an attraction derived from the" evil spell " , but rather from chaos, Fabrizio? I had the idea of ​​a deep, intelligent man who suffered with deep and interesting ideas, a little crazy and chaotic like me … And then, he's too good! "

Fabrizio Corona and Asia Argento challenge Fedez-Ferragni, here are the first posts on Instagram of the new social couple

And he adds: "I still do not trust him, but I do not necessarily have to trust myself that I feel passion or emotions in my heart." Indeed, sometimes lack of trust is even better! I do not want to change anyone and I hope that nobody will try to change me: if I will change it, it's only because I decide. "When asked about how Fabrizio defeated her, he says:" Fabrizio thinks he adapts a little to every woman: he talks to me with me, telling his story and sharing his experiences. I was very close to his father, Vittorio Corona, so I kept an eye on him and knew his noble origins, I had a wonderful relationship with my father, we were really friends: Fabrizio never introduced me, but another son. When I see Fabrizio, I feel that his father circling around him.

In the episode of Fabrizio Corona in "Big Brother Vip"Instead, he says:" I saw it for 2 or 3 minutes, but I felt: I could not make the image that I had with him – knowing and talking to him – coincided with that person and the anger I saw. Anger, which I have also downstairs and that I try to keep away. Something must have pissed him off and I did not want to see him right now because I wanted to keep the idea I made of him: I changed the channel and put it on "Factor X"… But I am even more at **** ata! (Laughs, ed)».

Referring to the mother's comments, in comparison to Corona's story published in social media, she explains: "I answered privately and she published my message. I would like to make a veil of compassion because I believe that clothes, as they say, should be washed in their own home I am sorry that I wrote these words to my mother, but I am not going to report what you told me: I was stunned and I would like to cut myself off from it, I think it is hallucinating, Asia also tells about the reaction of my father, director Dario Argento: "I told him almost immediately and said he should think about it first, but instead he said," If you're happy, let me introduce you. "


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