Monday , September 28 2020

Want to buy a pair of Nike? Don't Do It on Amazon: "Now Let's Focus on Direct Sales"


Are you buying a new pair of Nike sneakers? Don't do it on Amazon. In fact, the brand inspired by the famous goddess of Samothras no longer sells her products on the e-commerce giant's platform. The deal between Nike and Amazon dates back to 2017, when the sporting goods brand received assurances of tighter controls on counterfeit products. But hiring a new CEO of former eBay administrator Donon Donahoe has made the brand clear about its sales strategies.

So Nike too chooses, and other big names ahead of it, to leave the Amazon platform, where customers find themselves increasingly moving to an on-line catalog that combines well-known rogue brands. As part of Nike's focus on enhancing the consumer experience through more direct and personal relationships, we have decided to close the current pilot project with Amazon, says a company-issued note, which adds: We will continue to invest in Nike's strong and distinctive partnerships with other retailers and platforms to serve our customers globally.

However, Nike knew who will continue to use Amazon Web Services, Amazon's cloud computing unit, to power their Nike applications and services. According to the news, the company's shares rose slightly by 1% on Wall Street trading.

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