Saturday , September 19 2020

"Vip 2 Island", one of the program's couples broke out! (Video)


Apparently they failed to overcome the incompatibilities that emerged during the The island of temptation Vip 2 Gabriele Pippo and Silvia Tirado, And so they definitely chose to take two different paths, something they failed to do at the end of the reality show on Channel 5.

After so much hesitation, the son of Pippo Franco he chose to give his second chance to his soulmate, who approached one of the temptations of the village dangerously, Valerio Maggiolini. Away from the cameras, however, the couple had numerous problems, and yesterday Silvia she allowed herself to go to a large opening for her company it didn't bode well.

After Stories on Instagram river ex girl, Gabriele It keeps us going to explain in detail why Tirado she was so angry with him:

Silvia he is a special person whom I will always love. Yesterday she was very upset by some of the videos I made, but they were just to promote my music. Mine was just a message of death.

However, the young woman seemed not to take the same view and, sharing an excerpt from behind the scene on videoclip in which you see some girls in robes that twerkano showing their B-side in the foreground, he accused his former of using women to give them more attention to his song.

The accusations of Silvia, son of Pippo Franco he prefers not to respond and to choose the path of irony, he said: "Hurry up, women, I'm back in the square!", but Tirado through some Stories on Instagram (which you always find in the opening video of the post) continued:

This program may make you think, but what you do is bad, it seems you haven't seen the time to be single. I hate people who lie to sacrifice, doing wrong things in reality!

In short, between Silvia and Gabriele it looks like something finally broke! Did you expect?

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