Thursday , September 24 2020

Very true, Emma Marone's outburst: "I don't want to be forgotten"


Thousands of professional endeavors, the convulsive rhythms of a life spent on their fans, and then the diagnosis: Emma Marone she found herself forced to slow down, pause her work and concentrate on her fight against the disease. Now it is back on the ground, with renewed energy, it is in the living room of Silvia Tofanin recounts what he has felt in recent months.

"I was afraid. I think that was something I immediately told my mother when she joined me before surgery. Already saying that he released me from the burden, "the singer admits in front of the microphones very accurate, host of the episode on Saturday, November 16, 2019 – "I will always be scared to avoid taking the wrong steps and understanding the value of courage." Emma returned from a difficult time in her life. He already had it in the past fought against ovarian cancera few months ago revealed a new health problem.

"I just started the single I'm beautiful. They were already the first commitments, "Marone says -" and during a control visit I was told that it might be a case of resolving the problem and not risking it. With sincerity and sincerity, for the great respect of my public, I thought it was appropriate to tell the truth"In September, a few days before the much-anticipated event in which she was due to attend, the artist told her fans that she had to stop for a moment to face a new battle.

Many messages of love received from followers and colleagues who have been close to you in this difficult time. And then the surgery, Successful: Emma's message that she left the hospital literally made all the fans burst into joy. Slowly, the singer returns to her former life: “Now it's better! My way of reacting to things. Maybe I should have waited a little longer, but I have to be active. The mind does a lot of this, it helps you recover faster. I wanted to go back to the audience, listen to this record, smile, to feel good".

A little while ago, Marone announced his new album Fortunata, a real anthem for life. And this is the music that gave the strength to continue even in the darkest moments: "I think I'm lucky because I made incredible dreams. Although life gave me strokes, I always overcame them. I'm healthy, I'm good. I mean all those people who are still struggling today to feel good. Music is my life. "

The singer confessed with an open heart, revealing his greatest wish: “I don't feel like coming, every morning I wake up and I know I have to work hard. I would like to stay, to stay, that tomorrow someone will really remember me and my songs. I don't want to be forgottenAnd he leaves even a brief thought about his love life, always a lot of conversations: "I believe and think that the person I am meant for exists, but today I do not see love, my prince charming lost his way! “

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