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Un Posto al Sole Advances November 25, 2020: Roselle for rescue, but …

Let’s take a look at Un Posto al Sole’s progress from November 25, 2020. In the plot of the episode aired on Rai3, Rosella finds the courage to ask Professor Volpicelli for the thesis, but one can put a speech in the wheel.

Let’s see together what Progress на A place in the sun for betting from 25 November 2020. Fabric of ‘episode broadcast at 3:55 p.m. Rai3, Vittorio e Michele get into trouble. Their broadcast on the inclusion of minorities provokes the anger of sublime extremists who choose to target them. Nobody e furious with Beatrice. He just found out that he got the job at Studio Leone only thanks to his representation. For this he decided to go elsewhere and is before getting one new proposal. Rosella it seems instead of returning to the rescue. After what happened to Clara, the girl takes the courage to ask for the thesis Professor Volpicelli.

Un Posto al Sole Predictions: Michele and Vittorio in the eye of the storm

The reason he fought so much Ululia seems to have also won Michele. In fact, Poggi managed to persuade the speaker to address the issue of minority involvement, and Saviani threw himself into it. With him too Vittorio, to follow his mentor more and more closely. However, the two will eventually become serious problems. In fact, their broadcast annoys the edge of sublime extremists, who will start targeting the radio and its two unfortunate representatives.

Predictions of a place in the sun: Nico Furiozo with Beatrice

On indecent Proposal на Beatrice a Nobody turned out to be different than expected. The young Pogi, in fact, to his great disappointment, discovered that he had acquired the place at Studio Leone not on his own merits, but only thanks to Lucenti’s representation. A serious failure for Niko, who decided to leave his job to look elsewhere. On Progress на A place in the sun reveal to us that the boy will get it right away another suggestion but it is not known where it comes from and what exactly it is. We only know that it will cause further care for his family, painful for his future and for Imi.

Roselle to help in this episode of Un Posto al Sole on November 25, 2020

Clara gave birth e Rosella I can not believe it was her – along with Patrician – to help her and allow everything to go smoothly. This novelty had a very special effect on the beautiful Graciani. Helping Clara give birth has restored Ross’ confidence in her future as a doctor and now she feels she is finally unlocked. This is why we take courage and decide a ask for the thesis al Professor Volpicelli. Hilaria yet he always lurks and risks putting them on key in the works even in the professional field. Will Rosella be able to get rid of her and will Patricio still feel threatened by his ex-girlfriend’s colleague?

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