Monday , September 20 2021

Trivial mistakes that everyone makes, but which should be avoided for a perfect home-made bread

Among the many household products that many families are experimenting with in the kitchen, especially this year, due to the pandemic, is the excellent bread.

For home cooks, the pleasure of biting a piece of freshly baked bread is priceless. For some, making bread with their own hands is a tradition, for others it is a delicious pastime. In both cases there is an effective way to eat an original product for a few euros. However, industry experts are appearing because of some wrong steps that destroy home-made bread. The editorial staff of ProiezionidiBorsa has collected for its readers the most common mistakes that the most famous chefs recommend not to make anymore.

Smart watch

Are you sure you want to choose the right flour?

For experts, the most suitable flour is the less refined with W between 300 and 320.

Trivial mistakes that everyone makes, but which should be avoided for a perfect home-made bread. When to add salt?

Adding salt, but not thinking about the right moment to add it to the dough is a fairly common mistake. It should be borne in mind that, when preparing homemade bread, salt should never be mixed with yeast, as it slows down its activation.

Dough, water and processing

To have bread as good as the one in the bakery, you need to work the dough carefully to make a softer final result. Adding water should not be too generous. Excessive hydration can damage the end result.

Introduction to the home oven

Experimenting with a homemade bread recipe without knowing the merits and demerits of a home oven is a rather trivial mistake, but it happens much more often than expected. To overcome the small problems in the oven, for cooking, it is recommended to turn on the oven a few minutes before putting it in the oven and insert a pot with half a glass of water inside. The reason? The steam will serve to moisten the surface of the bread, favoring uniform cooking.

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