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Tre Canvass Winter: Here's the 100 Giga All-in Power Xmas Edition and Xiaomi promo – | Telephony offer

As of Monday, November 18, 2019, the affiliated operator brand 3 Wind chill will launch the promotion Christmas Edition dedicated to Christmas, along with the possibility of activating the offer All-in Power Xmas Edition. Continue the tariff options available again.

All offers offered by 3 are valid on January 6, 2020, unless extended, except for the promotion of 3 Xmas Edition, valid until January 5, 2020, unless modifications are made.

The tariff option Power Xmas Edition with smartphone it will be a package composed of unlimited minutes and SMS with 100 Giga data traffic for Internet browsing, available at 11.99 euros per month for new and already three clients.

The offer will include a method of automatic payment by debit card or checking account. Accounts with prepaid cards with Iban are also included (prepaid cards and electronic cards are not accepted).

Will only be available in combination with installments (on sale in installments 3 or in easy credit compass mode) on a new smartphone including: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T, Xiaomi Redmi 8, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Samsung Galaxy Note10 +.

A 30-month bond is provided and the monthly installment required to purchase the selected device must be added to the monthly offer subscription. In the bid activation proposal, the client is obliged to express whether, in case of withdrawal before the end of the contractual period, it intends to retain the continuation of payment or to pay, in a single solution, all remaining installments have not yet been paid. The selected choice may be changed at any time by contacting Customer Service. Maintenance of said benefit is subject to regular payment of due installments.

For offers Everything about the payment method, with a smartphone and release it activation fee is 6.99 euros instead of 55.99 euros with SIM and offer active for the whole deal. The remaining 49 euros, in installments in 24 installments of 2.04 euros per month, will not be charged for active SIM for the entire duration of the contract. In case of early withdrawal, missing installments will be charged. The price of the new SIM Three is from 10 euros no traffic involved.

For customers with 3 postpaid offers already, the price for changing the All-In offer with a commitment will be 39 euros, and the price for switching to All-In with a Smartphone or Free will be 50 euros. To all clients that have switched from another operator to less than 60 days and want to return to Three, requesting number portability, you will be charged an additional fee 19 euros.

All clients with active Super fibers in FTTH fiber or internet 200 in FTTC, internet 20 or internet 7 in ADSL, they will benefit from the offer version that includes unlimited Internet search.

Minutes and SMS traffic will be valid in Italy for all landline and mobile numbers, except for special numbers (such as premium services, charity and non-geographic numbers). Available Giga will not include browsing the App & Store pages and will not allow the use of BlackBerry services. 3 reserves the right to disable the option in the event of use which is inconsistent with the provisions of the specific conditions.

Thresholds for minutes and SMS will be monthly not cumulatively unlike monthly thresholds on the Internet. They will be renewed at 12:00 am every first day of the month and will be available until 11:59 pm on the last day of the calendar month; unused Giga can be used in the coming months thanks to Giga Bank.

Once the monthly threshold for Internet traffic is exceeded, a rate of 20 euro cents will be applied for every 20 MB provided without the need to open the session. The purchased extrasoglobia Internet traffic cannot be used in separate sessions. It also specifies that the optional extra will be charged under standard SIM credit and that the offer should be indefinite.

In accordance with European Regulation 2016/2286, the package of minutes, SMS and Giga can also be used in Europe. However, the use of the volume of data, under the same national conditions, is permitted up to a maximum in the reference month, which may be consulted on the official website of the operator. Out of this maximum ceiling, 3 can apply it planned surcharge from 0.427 cents per MB, turnover per KB, VAT included as of December 31, 2019.

True to roaming in Europe, 3 warns that due to the change in the price per GB in the EU, the usable traffic threshold in Europe is increasing. This applies from the first renewal of the offer, starting on November 18th, to customers who have already made EU traffic prior to renewal. For non-EU customers, the update is currently on November 18th even before the renewal.

The offer in question will include free membership initiative Cinema Grande 3 and service Giga Bank that allows accumulate unused Giga during the month, up to a maximum of twice the Giga paid per month optionally.

Christmas Edition instead, it will be a promotion through which until January 5, 2020, buying a Xiaomi smartphone (Xiaomi Redmi 6A, Redmi Note 7, MI A2 Lite, Redmi 5 Plus, Mi Mix 2, MI 9, Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8T, Mi Note 10) you get the Mi Smart Band 4 as a gift, worth 34.99 euros.

Further, by registering (until 20 December 2019) proof of purchase of the Xiaomi smartphone purchased in combination with Tre su, you will be entitled to a voucher of 34.99 euros to spend in the store until January 31, 2019.

Another novelty concerns the purchase of a smartphone (with compass financing) Huawei P30, if so combined with the All-in Super Power offer will provide zero down payment and installments of 6.99 euros per month.

Purchase a mobile device of your choice between iPhone XR (64 or 128 GB), Samsung Galaxy S10 (128 GB) and Huawei P30 Pro, combined with the free range of services offered change, return and Keep it, will be possible for an additional € 3.99 instead of 5.99 euros per month.

As for the world of broadband, the latest device is on the list WI-FI WebCube 4G + zero in advance and included in the offer 3Cube XL. This is also available with the 60 GB Super Internet, but with a down payment of 9.99 euros.

For Super Internet bidding and 3Cube payment methods, the activation fee is € 9.99 instead of € 58.99 with SIM and the offer is active for 24 months. The remaining 49 euros, in installments in 24 installments of 2.04 euros per month, will not be charged for active SIM for the entire duration of the contract. In case of early withdrawal, missing installments will be charged.

3 informs that listening to Telephone answering service will become free in Italy and Europeon and on the service "I was looking for you"They will no longer be active on the SIM card, but will only be activated upon client request.

Xiaomi Special Edition promo ends, which allowed customers who opted for the Xiaomi smartphone to get the Mi Band included 3. Conditions for those who previously activated it remain unchanged.

The SIM-only offer portfolio remains unchanged with the outstanding loan fee, extended until January 6, 2019. Power play, Play special 360 and Play tourist. Additional details on activation costs are available within the detailed section,

Finally, we remind you that for all new customers,4G LTE option, which provides access to 4G LTE fast data network of 3, is included in all customer offers and VAT numbers activated from April 1, 2019. For existing customers the LTE option is priced at 1 euro per month.

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