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Totti decides his future: a trip to London, here are the scenarios | Primapagina

Five months ago Francesco Totti left Rome. An open-hearted press conference explaining the reasons for the farewell he suffered from his home for life. With that yellow and red shirt tattooed on Totti's skin, he became the first man, then one of the strongest players ever. He could have won a few more trophies, but preferred to remain forever tied to his city and his people. Choice of life.

LONDON CALL – Today Francesco turns the page and continues to follow Rome as a regular fan. No tasks, no stress. Enjoy a lifetime of family retreat and relaxation and games. Yes, but Totti doesn't know how to stay away from football. We will hardly see him again soon from Trigoria, but in recent days the former Rome captain has flown to London, as evidenced by the Illyrian Instagram profile,. Travel for pleasure, but not only for the former captain of Rome, in the company of his wife and some friends.

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REFLECTIONSIn the English capital, Totti has also gone on to lay the groundwork for his future and he may be able to return in the coming weeks: looking around without a hurry, contemplating the various offers he received after saying goodbye to Rome. waiting to figure out what the right path should be. A few months ago he is actually thinking about being a prosecutor but he must still resolve some doubts about his future. What is certain is that Rome is now part of the past, Totti turning the page, now he is ready for a new life.

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