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Totominitr, for Franco Economics newspaper The 'pink quota' case opens

August 29, 2019 – 12:54 am

About the Drachma Tria, the idea of ​​a former general accountant. Undersecretary Spadafora

on Dino Martino

Eight ministries in MS5 and seven in PD. But before talking about names – that is the predominance of the bargaining table – it is necessary to untie the Palazzo Figi knot which, according to the Nazis, cannot be left under the full control of the grill: "The problem is not Di Mayo's name. , but he is unacceptable president and deputy of the same party. " So, we are starting here, from the head of government at Conte 2, to try to simulate a possible list of ministers, who, however, risk becoming more of a puzzle for the appointed president.

Option one: if the Grillin-appointed prime minister confronts Vincenzo Spadafora (M5C) with Palazzo Figi as Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council, it is understood that he will have the only recognizable deputy in veteran Dario Franceschini's profile . Second option: the box of the Undersecretary of the Presidency (a key juncture in the work of any government) is given to Paola De Michele or the same Dario Francescini of PD, no longer the Vice Prime Minister in the demo. Option Three: The Democratic Party renounces Di Mayo's demands and so you travel with Conte plus the two deputies.

The second set of problems, for Conte, concerns the three key ministries that all or some of the technicians would welcome in the PD, to which Quirinale still pays particular attention. In fact, Enzo Moavero Milanese's confirmation hypothesis never fades, even if former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is always on the trail. The economy, among profiles that would be compatible with the Republic's presidency bar, includes those of former state accountant Danielle Franco (who perfectly knows the Via XX Setembray machine) and one less known in Italy, but not in Brussels, than by economist Marko Bouti, now the EU Commission's Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs: in other words, Bouti is the eurobarocrat who is taking the technical step towards member states' budget law.

The interior ministry is talking about the prefect in the ministerial chair. Papabili, if the PD does not think it appropriate to send a politician of the rank (the same Andrea Orlando, Ettore Rosato or Emanuele Fiano), there are three: Mario Morkone, former head of Marco Miniti's cabinet and a large immigration expert, the former director Alessandro Panza (who, at the head of the Information and Security Department, has already consolidated his relations with Prime Minister Conte), and Police Chief Franco Gabrieli, who would still be both a minister and a shame because of the implications of his successor to the Ministry and public safety.

The five schools that are still waiting for other names to be released at the last minute would have Defense (Di Miao), Justice (Alfonso Bonafede), Infrastructures (Stefano Patanueli), Reform (Ricardo Fracaro) Health (Ululio Grillo), Region (Vincenzo Presuto), Mesogioro (Barbara Leci), Education (Nicola Mora or Lorenzo Fioramonti).

Then there is another knot, reported by demo secretary Nicola Zingaretti: "Given the growing rumors, I would like to say that the new government will have to guarantee full recognition of gender differences." How to tell MS5: we give our own side, but you do ours. For the Democratic Party, which has been entrusted with the task of studying the profiles of the possible ministers of Deputy Secretary Paola De Michel, the same De Michel (Vice President of the Presidency or Minister of Economic Development), Lorenza Bonacrossi and Monica Cirna (Equal Opportunities) are good. by Anna Askani (Cultural Heritage), Deborah Seraciani and Marina Sereni (Family). While Rosella Muroni (Leu), already head of Legambiente, could go to the Ministry of the Environment.

The number of ministries will remain unchanged: Agriculture (Maurizio Martina del Pad if Mishe was to be occupied) will be separated from Tourism intended to enter the orbit of Economic Development. EU envoy Roberto Gualletti could go on with EU relations. Ministerial elections (two or three for the Renzians) are not definitive: it is really a matter of understanding whether there will be any exceptions to the former or whether new ones will prevail.

August 29, 2019


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