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Today's horoscope, Wednesday, November 20, signed by sign

Here's today's horoscope, Wednesday November 20thsigned by Barbanera aired daily on WG.

Aries. Start the day well with a calm and cohesive mood, thanks to the Moon in the sixth house that combines professional activity and well-being.

Toro. The moon overwhelms you with good humor and a spirit of initiative: exactly what you need to do your job successfully.

Twins. The crescent moon that follows your mood today is not the brightest. With uranium at the back, then, the unexpected is just around the corner.

Cancer. A shy but well-intentioned moon, determined to give you a fertile day, especially for those who study or trade, making common ground with Mars and Mercury.

Leone. Work and finances are the force of the day: the feeling of being able to dominate events enhances your self-esteem and self-control.

Virgin. SeptemberLuna in the sign, Mercury, Mars and Uranus harmonious. Great day for communication, commerce, cultural interests and travel.

Libra. A day without salt, the moon ignores you and you will have to be patient to attend to some boring tasks that you delay for some time.

Scorpio. The White Lady talks to you about friendship, while Uranus in opposition upsets the front of his heart with fatal encounters or sharp pauses.

Archer. Ambitions constrained by adverse conditions, feeling restrained lose motivation. Projects, ideas and activities continue a little slow.

Capricorn. Travel to work or business, always fast, efficient, accurate. In short, you are models to imitate and maybe even envy a little …

Aquarium. Anonymous moon, but at least a good friend of your Governor Uranus, who urges you to break away from anything that is no longer valid.

Fish. Love may be a very difficult word, but if you start with a phone call, a message, a sporadic meeting, you'll end up a fan of it …

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