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Today's horoscope, Tuesday, November 19, signed by sign


Here's today's horoscope, Tuesday 19 Novembersigned by Barbanera aired daily on WG.

Aries. Passion and idealism paint feelings red. Your phone is inflamed with shocking messages and is waiting for the next meeting.

Toro. In the opposite sign of yours, Mars enters: a certain working grain is possible, but today you only think of the heart … And with what smell!

Twins. The moon in sextile gives you charge and bite, but with Venus and opposite Jupiter hugging each other, love today beats you in the head.

Cancer. All day business, if you are in business today, you make good money. Refrigerator and pantry supplies, in preparation for a delicious dinner. Exclusive puppets, shopping with them is a tour de force!

Leone. Love in pole position: if your partner is in perfect harmony, if you are looking for a spiritual mate, you find that he is already turning.

Virgin. The feeling today is shrouded in nostalgia, thinking of returning to "how we were". But remember that there is both "how we are" and "how we will be".

Libra. Mars is leaving. Only today is assembling the curtains from your sign to go to the next one, Scorpio, where they will move their finances.

Scorpio. Here you are served on a silver plate with the energy, vitality and determination of your Governor Mars, which today makes its mark.

Archer. Happy and pleased, with the fiery moon making you travel, Venus making you fall in love, and Jupiter making you even more optimistic and happy.

Capricorn. Feelings of punching in the back, today you have something else in your head. Work, as always, carefully followed by sports entertainment with friends.

Aquarium. What a cancellation! Mars, until recently a friend, changed his mind and went to the enemy camp. The result: a headache and a sudden migraine.

Fish. The thing seems to come to your mind first. Crossing the Martian route speeds up movement and helps you bypass obstacles.

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