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Today's horoscope, Thursday, November 14, signed

Here's today's horoscope, Thursday, November 14thsigned by Barbanera aired daily on WG.

Aries. News coming from afar, friends are waiting for a short break, and among them is someone looking at you with special interest …

Toro. A thread of possessiveness can disrupt the partner. Experiences that have disturbed you in the past do not justify your behavior.

Twins. Unlike Luna and Venus, Neptune has an air of drunken conductor, which is why your feelings today are so strange. There are many entrances, but all contradictory.

Cancer. Even more romantic and dreamy than usual, stirred by the imaginary moon in the twelfth house, is lost in memories and nostalgia.

Leone. Additions to Venus in Triangle and the Moon in Sextile, a bright day is waiting for you, but more feeling-oriented than routine.

Virgin. Chaotic quadruped Neptune with Venus, indication of contrast with partner. As always, the committed and protective family will agree with you.

Libra. You have great relationships with everyone, but there are some who look right in the environment. Be perfect in your role as a qualified mediator.

Scorpio. Inspirations are born directly from the heart, they are the effect of your compressed emotions. Perfume the environment with burning resins and spices.

Archer. Deep in love: too bad that the other one has not yet noticed and you, suddenly becoming shy, do nothing to understand them.

Capricorn. It doesn't take much to make people around you happy. With an affectionate gesture or kind word you could find your offers!

Aquarium. Despite the massive professional commitment, the evening is never tired: an invitation is enough and you are ready for four and four!

Fish. Love is a dream, an ideal where you only see the best side, risking ending up like a little Red Riding Hood … in the wolf's jaws.

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