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Titian Ferro responds harshly to Meloni “They must be punished”


In the video, singer Titian Ferro (as well as his other famous friends and colleagues and the LGBTQ + community as a whole) resolutely responded to the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgio Meloni, who was questioning him at home at the time about the need for a law against homophobia and others. forms of discrimination and harassment.

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Titian Ferro responded with a resounding “yes” to Giorgio Meloni, which last week questioned the government over the need for a law against homo-bi-transphobia, against misogyny and abilities.

Titian Ferro: “Homophobic acts must be punished”

Titian Ferro

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Meloni, on October 26, at the Chamber, attacked a bill promoted by Deputy Alessandro Zan. And he asked his fellow parliamentarians if they were sure “that homosexuals in this nation would not want to see you at work defending your business than at these things here?”

Latin singer honestly responds to Brothers of Italy leader via video.

“Yes, we are sure (that we need an ad hoc law, ed“, because all the discrimination – the blows, the blows, the pushes – that I suffered as a child must not be repeated and must not go unpunished.”

Also, as well as Ferro Diego Passoni, Vladimir Luxuria, Carolina Moras, Louisa Riccitelli they wanted to hear their voice, along with that of the entire LGBTQ + community, for the bill subject to vote in the Chamber of Deputies, then approved on November 4.

Titian Ferro against homophobia: an explanation with Fedez


About a year ago Ferro chose the press conference for the presentation of his album “I Accept Miracles”, produced mainly by Timbaland, for talk about harassment and attacks on homosexuals which he also says he experienced on his own skin. The Latin singer said on that occasion:

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“I get involved and ironic, as long as you joke that it’s okay, I only feel sorry when these things are related to feelings and sexuality, because even a joke can make an unpleasant teenager, and that makes me an idol of children. “This is a very strong act of harassment, not just me.”

To a reporter who asked him if he thought Fedez, who in 2011 ironically made fun of Ferro with “Quite the opposite”“He is one of many,” Titian replied.

On Instagram rapper husband of Chiara Ferragni he apologized to his colleague:

“I’m not a stranger to homophobia, I’m sorry for that song, I wrote it ten years ago: at 19, we express ourselves in completely different terms and tones.”

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