Wednesday , October 27 2021

Tim, discouraged ad Genish. Alfredo Altavilla warms up for succession


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It was a move in the air, because Tim's assembly of May 4 sanctioned the defeat of Vivendi, providing Elliott with the majority on board the company. Despite the usual declarations, he only expected that he would understand exactly the moment in which the vote of no confidence was taken over by the managing director of Amos Genish. The moment came with an extraordinary tablet that met at dawn, withdrawing the plenipotentiaries to the Israeli manager and giving him President Fulvio Conti. The new meeting, scheduled for Sunday, November 18, will select a new guide for the first tlc operator in this country. There is a choice in the board itself: the right man in Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, tarantino Alfredo Altavilla. The councilors also mention the names Rocco Sabelli and Luigi Gubitosi. If the choice is made for a company manager, Stefano De Angelis may have some chances after the successful experience of the subsidiary Tim Brasil.

For Vivendi, Genish's "torpedo" was very cynical and intentional secretly planned to destabilize society. "Genish's farewell wages a war between the two main partners back into the open field, and Vivendi, who lost a man in the nerve center, may ask the congregation to try resume command and dictate the company again the line for the future development of the company.

On the other hand, other sources exclude that the upheaval at the top should be attributed to Elliott because the management is "independent and responsive to the market". If anything, the withdrawal of proxies, "after the granting of trust" and the opportunity to "give them value", can be attributed to the "imperfections" of the Israeli manager, as well as "single behaviors" and lack thereof. daily life of the group. Of course, the name appeared after the quarterly archived with the loss of 800 million euros, caused by devaluation of domestic business for 2 billion.

The collapse that broke the ship in connection between the board and a.d. This seems to have been Genish's explanation after the government has spoken in favor of a single player on the net. In a statement issued by the company's official channels, the outgoing director-general said he was a supporter of one topic for the network, provided he remained under Tim's control. With Genish's departure, the bank account swallowed up by the turmoil at Tim's house increases to 4 in 5 years (31 billion euros in goodwill). The stock exchange is in the window and after the roller coaster in part of the 14 Telecom shares, 0.5340 euros, by as much as 0.68 per cent.

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