Wednesday , October 27 2021

Thirty, a former minister: "I'm not leaving, the house is not a privilege." Di Mayo: "Leave it now." The Rome prosecutor's office is now investigating


Affair to the house that former defense minister Elizabeth Trenta not wanting to leave, it becomes a court case. The Roman military prosecutor opened model file 45, without a suspicion or hypothesis of a crime, after reports in the press about the service apartment he maintained even at the end of his assignment after the redistribution of the house to her husband who is a military man. Currently, according to military prosecution sources, it is a purely cognitive investigation to carry out the necessary investigations into the case. "We will do all the necessary investigations – the prosecutor explained – to clear suspicion, even from an administrative point of view." At the moment it is an investigation, he confirmed, purely cognitive character.

The former minister, in an M5 quota, explained in an interview that there was nothing irregular. “The house is now assigned to mine husband and in a way adjustment. Why should you leave him? It's not privilege. I pay and I pay too much. ” The defense house in the area San ovated in Laterno, in Rome, "receive" as service apartment when he was in government, he would therefore remain available. Also because, he explains Corriere della Sera which raised the case, "even now I continue to have a different life." The Life of "Relationships, Meetings". In short, it continues to be indispensable as it was in the executive: "A minister in his activity has we need to talk meet people in trusted way and therefore need a safe place. " and "Great"he adds.

Launching shields against her was not enough, even within the Five Star Movement with demands for clarification from Luigi Di Mayoaccording to which he must abandon the accommodation and judgment of the deputy minister Stefano Buffani, who spoke of "no M5" behavior. On Monday, the pentastello's leader returned to the subject of the case RTL: "This thing from my point of view is not acceptable, stopped working as a minister two months ago, had time to leave the house, it's good that he is leaving now and if his husband has the right to stay in the army, he can apply and get it. This thing does angry citizens And we are also because we are the ones who cut their wages. "

The house, as told by Corriere della Sera, asked the minister despite being in Rome. An obstacle bypassing the assignment of a husband, the oldest in the Army. Thirty defended himself by saying so two award procedures: first to her as a minister and then to her husband. “I didn't immediately ask for accommodation even though I had one right, but only last April. I resisted as much as possible in my own. A minister should talk to people in a confidential way during his activity and therefore need a safe place. " And in his apartment on Pigneto had 'Problems with control and security' because in that area "medicines are sold and there is no way out". In any case, he adds: "I needed a place to meet people, a great place to stay." In short: 'Confidentiality required'.

All the elements that did not end with his assignment: “Even now I continue to have a different life. It's a life of relationships, of meetings. " And he reiterates that if the man had ordered another accommodation, that removal it would be to the detriment of the state that saved it instead. The reality, he adds, is another: "It is clear that I'm under attack. From who? I don't know Is that an attack on President Conte? all "AISE, to the Movement? on Link Campus, where did I go back to work? "Of course, he assures," this story will hurt me "and" I will stay in the Movement ", who asked him to be one of the 12 facilitators.


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