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The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED has regrets about Siri and her story

The Witcher 3 it was a global success, as demonstrated by the opinions of the specialized press and impressive sales, but CD Project RED still holds sorry about the content that could have been included in the game and they didn't, as some elements of the story are linked Spread.

Jury has an important role to play in The Witcher 3, but developers would like to know more about it, as he said. Jakub Samalek, the lead author of the script, in an interview with PC Gamer. In particular, the writer talks about referring to tattoo that characterizes the character, or the rose that remembers Mile, the adventure companion and the girl's lover.

In The Witcher 3 the tattoo is mentioned at one point, but is treated fairly quickly, with Jury only reporting that it is a memory of someone who died. "There was really no room to unravel this complex episode in Witcher 3 and it is a great loss," said Hamalek, "at this time in her life, Siri has given up on her darker side, following her worst instincts. Showing this transition and remorse later would be a great story. "

In short, Samalek would love to deepen the story to Jury, to his meeting with Mittel and what happened to the two of them later, but it would have been impossible to fit into the already rich script of "The Witcher 3" which foreshadowed developments in other areas between the main story and the expansions.

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