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The Verses of David and the "Women of Ikea": The Demon Forgets Anti-Semitic Posts

It was November 7th when I Young Democrats of Bologna, a young Democratic Party rib, a convincing post in support of Liljana Segre. "We have no doubt on which side to stay," they wrote. I am against those who "hate, insult and discriminate". All right. Who knows how they will react, however, knowing that one of their members has given suspicious-tasting publications to women and Jews.

The militant in question is under way Italo Pommes, born in Taranto who lives and studies under two towers. It is not a person. Fresh from elections to Academic Senate Alma Mater Studiorum also became part of the new Bologna Demo Secretariat (University delegation) in July. Looking at his Instagram profile, two curious photos appear. The first dates back to 2012, when she released the t-shirt recording that many would call a chauvinist: "My ideal wife? – we read – Ikea woman: cheap, take her home immediately and mount her in 5 minutes. " The second postinstead, it is from 2013: in the picture you can see a gate with the star of David, accompanied by the sibilant "AS Roma m Official Seat m …". The message, translated from the jargon of football fans, should offend Romanians. Remember the case with the figure of Anne Frank? Lazio's fans attacked one at Olympico with the hatred of their hated cousins. Trouble broke out and news was circulating around the world. Posting Pomé is similar, because it uses the same stereotypes. Will there be equal bitterness?

We'll see. Certainly yesterday, as antagonists threw bottles at police, the young demo praised Bologna's anti-Salvini of "6,000 sardines." All against the "populist rhetoric" and "arrogance" of league. Then the question arises: at the time of Commission on Segre, what do the posters of the young Dem for the Democratic Party look like? Is it just right that anti-Semitism is growing? Contacted by phone, Pemes remains "open stormy". He does not remember sharing them: "I am very leftist, I oppose any kind of sexism or racial hatred." But the posts are there. Instagram doesn't lie. "Anti-Semitism has to face and fight – the student responds – There is no ambiguity, we are not joking about certain things." Here, we are not kidding. However, in May 2015 Pommes launched a meme featuring the film "The Kid in Colorful Pajamas", "Taurus Mac" and the inscription, in Roman dialect, "Spend me the sandwich I give him a heated oven". The crematorium. "Shame on you", now apologizes to the young demo who will delete those posts. "An intelligent person – he admits – would never do such a thing."

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