Thursday , January 21 2021

The revolt that shocks Camilla and the whole Royal family: the “boomerang” photo

It was not easy for Camel from Cornwall, current wife of Prince Charles, find a place in the hearts of the English people and within the royal family. The couple has always been associated with a strong feeling, which, however, frowned at the sovereign. In fact, at least initially, Elizabeth never allowed her son to associate with Camilla. And married to Lady D.. he had to somehow balance the balance. But time did nothing but resolve the love affair between Carlo and Camilla. The two are now happy, united in marriage and she has been elected Duchess of Cornwall. Over time, they both struggled to find stability and to be loved by the English people. Then the TV series “The Crown” appeared and it all went down in the brain.

The series of Netflix which tells the secrets of the life of the British royal team provokes much discussion. Season 4, in fact, deals with still burning issues that still shake public opinion and the royal house itself. Among other things, the new episodes tell about the triple marriage between Carlo, Diana and Camilla di Cornwall, activating a long trail of controversy in the world of social media. Over the past few hours, a photo of Camilla posted on the royal family’s official Instagram account has been attacked by hateful comments against Prince Charles’s current wife. There photography in question is how Camilla announces the winners of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay in 2020, and here the humiliators are released, driven by the anger that the Netflix TV series unleashed. “Viva Diana” reads in the comments. Just a few words that attract 6,000 likes and that catalyze the attention of one wound he is not yet fully healed. “In a world where everyone is Camille, be like Diana,” we read again. “Diana forever,” commented another follower.

Obviously neither the royal family nor Camilla from Cornwall have answers to the accusations, but the news still circulated on the net and was published by some English tabloids that highlighted the problems still latent. It seems that the English people are still divided over the question of Lady D. Although Camilla’s image has been rehabilitated, there are those who simply can not digest the connection between the two. A relationship that will lead to the death of the sad princess. Or at least as reported by the tabloids.

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