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The Motorola Razr is the first truly smart smartphone. We tried it, and we all liked it


True Technology and Innovation, published by Motorola's Chicago labs. The engineers who worked on it, we had to talk to them at the launch event in London, they couldn't hide their smiles and the pleasure of being out of a 4 year tunnel. With nearly 50 months to develop this product, it takes a long and continuous push and pull between designers, engineers and the marketing department, each with their own needs and needs. If they had listened to marketing, the smart phone that many fans dreamed about, it would probably come out, with so many cameras, a huge battery and a powerful processor, but it would also be big, dual, heavy and expensive.

Fortunately, the designers won, and the product we opened and closed and opened hundreds of times in London really made us discover the pleasure of holding something really new in our hands would never have been born if it wasn't for their insistence. The engineers did the rest, e they packed the "Back to the Future" version of the product that many of us kept in our pockets 15 years ago.

The first truly foldable smartphone, because it's a smartphone made to become smaller, not a tablet that becomes a smartphone like the Mate X or Galaxy Fold.

The product really takes care of every aspect, especially in terms of that delicate screen that, we know and Samsung knows that well, can break through very easily. Motorola has created its Razr starting with a 6.2 "POLED flexible screen, but only the center part is flexible: the rest is anchored with steel support fixed at the top and mounted on a slide at the bottom. The gif below shows the system: when you overlay your smartphone, the display drops a few millimeters at the bottom, aided by a series of sources pulling it down.

The same sources that keep it even tense when the smartphone is open: the fold, very visible on the Galaxy Fold, here it is not obvious at all, it feels just under your finger.

Some may not like certain choices

The tech enthusiast must close more than one eye for certain solutions adopted by Motorola: the battery is split into two and is small, very small, the processor is just a Snapdragon 710 and above all a screen, not right. Both above, where there is a notch, and below, where there is a curve, what the user sees when watching a YouTube video is a barrel form. Not the perfect way to enjoy a movie, but it doesn't matter, despite the framed screen Razr remains beautiful when put into the context of an innovative product that must break some modelsscreen format included.

Thin and well-balanced, Opinion opens and closes without the slightest effort: it seems so strong that during the presentation we mistreated it as a war veteran, andn manufactured with a hinge designed to not break. The sense of solidity that Razr gave us didn't give us any other leaflets we tried, and one of the people who did the screen-resistance tests assured us that even if a grain of dust came in,or the screen should not break.

No problem should happen: the OLED screen mounted on the slide is locked only at the top and the replacement is very simple, so Motorola charges only € 299 in case of failure of the screen. Inside is a Snapdragon 710, not the fastest in range, but one that offers the best speed-to-fuel ratio, and in fact we felt we were facing a fast and fluid product. Razr is not a performance smartphone, is a smartphone for the user who already arrives in the evening with the phone, who has a second phone to use for work and who wants to be the first phone product that is a pleasure. And to open the wire to the fronts to friends, and to those who have never seen it appear on the screen itself, is still a real pleasure.

Motorola paid no attention to the savings: the biggest battery it had, the more powerful processor was too hot, it put the best it could in every area. Even the camera, 16 megapixels f / 1.7, it is the most widely used if we consider reduced obesity. Included is a ToF sensor for the blur effect, which helps the Snapdragon processor calculate a defocus effect that is not easy for a CPU in this range.

Just a few doubts: it is filled with fingerprints with incredible ease. We had to clean it at least 10 times while we were shooting and videos, we believe it is the smart phone that attracts the most fingerprints that came into hand last year. And then there's that small and very useful front-facing display, which still requires developers to make the most of it: Motorola has implemented emails, notifications, a control center, music accessory and other little gems, but we need a good Google help make use of both screens seamlessly, with ease from inside to outside. Even so, in any case, it seems to be going well.

The Razr will cost 1599 euros, and will be a product for a few. Obviously. But it is a wonderful product, which for those who used Razr at that time I would still have a special taste. The first foldable smartphone launcher.

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