Saturday , July 31 2021

The government has decided to open the schools in December. Acolina: “Gradual return decreases with infections”


The debate over reopening schools in December, rather than directly in January after the Christmas holidays, is coming to life. “Try to open the schools before Christmas. “We are working for this,” said Prime Minister Usepe Conte today.

“We need to be careful, but if the infections are reduced and there is a possibility of easing some restrictions, I hope that even in high schools there will be a gradual return of students to class,” confirmed Minister Azolina, who then warned: “And will “We must be careful even in the last days of the year, when schools are closed.”

The same will from the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede, who shares the words of Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Committee: “The school must be open or it will be a massacre for the children. “Now we have to work, with all the necessary security measures, to gradually reopen all the schools.”

“From WHO representatives to the CTS coordinator Mioco, from the president of the Superiore di Sanita Brusafero Institute to Professor Ricciardi, a set of authoritative voices has scientifically justified the need to keep school gates open. On the other hand, showing us that schools are not an uncontrolled epidemic of infection is a pandemic trend in institutions that remain open. Therefore, it is now urgent to understand how to move from words to deeds and allow millions of children to gradually take up their desks, “said Vitoria Casa, chair of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education.

According to iananluka Vaka, leader of the 5 Star Movement group in the Chamber’s Culture Committee, “critical questions arose during the second wave, but not about what happened in the classroom, but outside, in health and transport.”

And then we talk about opening ski resorts, but for Massimo Clementi, a full professor of microbiology and virology at the Vita Salute San Rafaele University in Milan, director of the microbiology and virology laboratory at Irz San Rafaele Hospital, the “reopening to come to schools after that “, a concept confirmed by the national spokesman of the Italian left, Nicola Fratoyanni.

A solution for high schools, meanwhile, “could be to consider one day a week for attendance, in rotation, perhaps with an astonishing attitude to incoming classes”: this is the advice of Suzana Esposito, a full professor of pediatrics and director of the Children’s Clinic diseases at the University Hospital of Parma.

The campaign, after the positive outcome of the screening of teachers and students, decided to reopen the kindergartens and return the children to the first grade of classes in the presence of Wednesday, November 25. The order that will ensure Dad’s free choice for mayors is coming.

So in South Tyrol from tomorrow the children from childhood and primary school will return to school.

In Calabria, TAP suspended a regional decree by Acting President Nino Spirley ordering November 16-28 to suspend classes for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

What is certain is that even if he returns in December – until the 3rd, currently in force Dpcm remains valid – between the bridges and the Christmas holidays there will be a few days to stay between the benches. Calendar


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