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The flu is coming, it will be a record! Ministry of Health recommendations


The flu is coming, it will be a record! Ministry of Health recommendations

Take the vaccine, do not take antibiotics, and wash your hands well: these are the three main recommendations to protect yourself and others from the flu and its consequences. The 2019-20 information campaign is launched by the Ministry of Health, which publishes a video and an updated section of the portal with frequently asked questions about impact, which on average affects the Italian at 10 each year.

Influenza-like syndromes, according to the ministry, "hit 9% of the Italian population each year, with a minimum of 4% recorded in the 2005-06 season and a maximum of 15% observed in the 2017-18 season (Source FluNews Italia)". In addition, "In Italy, the flu is one of the top 10 causes of death."

Health, vaccine, best prevention

The most effective measure to prevent it, both for the individual and for the community, is vaccination, which is also recommended free of charge for those at-risk populations, but which all citizens can decide to make by purchasing a flu vaccine at a pharmacy.

Then, some rules of protection and protection should be observed: use a handkerchief to restrict the spread of the virus when sneezing or coughing, ventilation often indoors, do not put dirty hands in contact with your nose, eyes or mouth.

Careful personal hygiene

And again, wash your hands often and precisely, stay home if you are sick to avoid transmitting the virus to others, but also avoid being infected by other bacteria that can cause superinfection. Finally, if anyone is affected, the ministry recalls, it is best to avoid taking antibiotics, as they only affect the bacteria while the flu is caused by viruses.

All of this information is also summarized in a video posted on the ministry's YouTube channel to facilitate sharing on social media.


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