Monday , September 20 2021

Tesla Model 3: Crash breaks and batteries fly away

In the United States, electricity hit a pole and its batteries broke the casing it contained, even ending up in nearby homes. The driver was under the influence of cannabis

Tesla Model 3 by the road on a half-ruined road after hitting a pole. This is the scene in front of police officers from Corvalis, Oregon (USA). The condition of the car made people fear the worst for those on the plane, but the accident turned out to have no consequences for the driver, the only passenger in the car who escaped the crash and was found three-quarters behind: according to a local press release. he escaped because he was under the influence of cannabis. Investigations showed that the car was traveling at about 160 km per hour before leaving the road.


The crash only confirms the high safety standards of the Tesla Model 3, among the best cars ever tested by European Ncap and US Nhtsa, specializing in impact simulations (well-known crash tests), but also highlighting the problem of electric cars. The Model 3 in the Standard Range version is powered by 2,976 lithium-ion batteries, divided into 96 packs of 31 batteries each; the Long Range version, with more autonomy, has 96 packs of 46 batteries, for a total of 4,416 cells. After the particularly violent impact, the envelope covering the packages was damaged and hundreds of batteries flew, ending up in nearby homes. And so, the Corvalis police had to report the danger via Facebook.


According to the announcement, the batteries can cause skin burns, release toxic gases and release substances harmful to humans and animals, so the police advised you not to touch them and call an emergency number to request intervention. experts. The Corvalis accident was an extreme case, in light of the violence of the impact, and not all collisions led to the rupture of the battery pack, but it is clear that precise instructions must be learned and how to intervene after the accident must be followed. including an electric car. Here are the ones for firefighters, in the article below.

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