Tuesday , June 22 2021

Ternana-Feralpisalò, a direct recovery game between rosverds and pawnshops

Libero Liberty Stadium is playing for recovery on the third day of the championship. At 20.30 in the field Ternana-Ferrischallo with the rosverds veterans from the line of nine initial results without any defeat. The list of former Domenico Toscano faces Ferre after knowing the defeat of the Riviera delle Palme. Earlier five wins and two unresolved who catapulted to the positional areas of the ranking. Possible forms of Ternana-FeralpiSalò. Starting from 19.45, direct text from the Liberate Stadium

Ternana-Ferrishallo, official formations

Ternana (4-3-3) Janarili, Defendi, Diakites, Bergameli, Lopez, Altobeli, Calgri, Zalsano, Furlan, Marilyngo, Nikastro Available Vitaly, Gaspareto, Vivas, Escape, Rebellion, Advantages, Frediani, Fazio, Hristov coach De Canio

FERALPISALO "(3-5-2) De Lucia, Demetto, Magnino, Legati, Vita, Martin, Scarcella, Pessé, Corsinelli, Fereti, Karachiio Available Livieri, Mordini, Ambro, Guerra, Canini, Libera, Tartartini, Moraschi, Marchi Tuscan coach

1 "We start

1 "game system 4-3-1-2 for Fere with Defendi decreasing on the line of defenders. Daniel Altobelli returns to the median, while Furlan acts in support of Nikastro and Marillion

4 "TERNARY OPPORTUNITY Furlan for Marilyngo, who gets into De Lucia

The 6th start of the high-intensity match for rossoverdi who are trying to exploit the defensive phase in the rather confusing moment of the Guard's lions

7 & quot; TERNARY POWER ball dropped from F. & lt; / RTI & gt; Furlan in the Bergameli area heading for the side

10 & apos; as compared to the Ebava Lambda Forecast with 3-4-1-2 wherein Martin and Corsignelli act on the side rails; Fish and Scarsella in the middle and Vita trequarti behind Ferretti and Caracciolo

12 "RELIGIOUS STORIES" The cross of Karachol for the head of Life, a lot, a pair of Janarili

15 "POSSIBILITY TENNEL rossoverdi immediately responded with the help of Sasano for monitoring the side of Daniel Altobelli

18 "Mariovo Ferralisalo" Martin's cross for the end of Fereti on the side. Well-played competition so far lively and intense. Revised defense

24 "FITNESS FILIPPOSALO" still recklessly defended rosverde with Magnino that goes to the side from a favorable position

25 'after a positive start, it seems to relieve Ternana's pressure and leave the formation of Tuscany, who had the opportunity for excellent opportunities to take the lead

33 '' Legati Legends '' in Feralpisalò, the first update

35'CONNECTION TERNANA Cross of Salsano for the inclusion of Nikastro that pushes his head through the obstacle

39''Dateaux warned in Feralpix

44? Diakit warned in Ternana

END OF THE FIRST VALUE OF FREEDOM: the start of Ferre's convincing race ahead of the non-productive phase where Ferrari became a protagonist in at least three circumstances. At the moment, good tests of Salsano and Furlan, less penetrating Marilungo and Nikastro in the last sixteen meters

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