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Store in liquid

15-week-old fruit in a flower jar found in flower: kept in liquid

on the fetus locked in a pro-transparent container was found this afternoon in a flower bed on Benefica Square, AS. Turin by a bystander walking with the dog. The man called me immediately carabiners by which he delivered a container about 7 cm high and three in diameter with a cap, which has a pro-transparent preservation fluid, with an embryonic fetus inside. From the first health examination, the fetus should be between 10 and 15 weeks old. Carabinieri are investigating the incident.

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He threw the fetus in the shot, it was impossible to find: he is in London prison

The man who found him, around 17:30, went out with the dog. The animal began to play near the flower bed, where the man spotted the vessel. "It was among the bushes, all dirty, but it was obvious it was a fetus. I was worried and I called 112, "he told investigators. Companion Monvizo police officers investigating the discovery have obtained videos of surveillance cameras in nearby shops. The videos will be analyzed to try to find out who threw the pipe.

Meanwhile, analyzes by doctors at Santa Ana Hospital continue to determine the origin of the fetus and to clarify the type of substance in which it was stored. It cannot be excluded that it may be formaldehyde. Currently, investigators at the Carabinieri Provincial Command of Turin are investigating every form of hypothesis. Among the paths followed by the army of Arma is that of theft: the test tube could be stolen from a city hospital laboratory and then thrown into the flower bed of Piazza Benefica, the heart of the historic Heath Turin district, a few steps away. by the Court. At the moment it remains a mystery who did this and why.

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