Wednesday , January 20 2021

Stefania confides in Elizabeth: “I made mistakes with Matilde, I do not know who” – Big brother VIP

Stefanija is approaching Elizabeth on the veranda trying to clarify after their last argument: the woman starts by feeling like she’s hanging out Matilde is misrepresented inside and outside the Home.

The singer specifies that she was never the best friend or close friend of the choreographer; according to Flavio Briatore’s ex-wife, Matilde was upset about some things that had never been cleared up between them.

Causing a break between the two women, according to Orlando, would be a hassle several times with Maria Teresa: in that context Diane he accused her of not taking the side of his friend, moreover, he was influenced by his simultaneous approach to Ruta.

According to Elizabeth, instead, the main cause of the fracture would be Stephanie waking up to a trio of Matilde, Diane and Beautiful rose, who locked themselves in the washing machine to talk without being heard by others.

A failed explanation would cause this disagreement. “Stefania admits she made mistakes in her relationship with Matilde.”but I do not know whichGregorchi responds that she saw the former contestant feel very ill during their stay in Cucurrio.

Furthermore, the agreement created with Thomas, indulge in almost every step. Stefania believes that friendships should not be influenced by any external friendships, even if they are unpopular people on the other side of the couple, and Elizabeth agrees.

The singer ends with the statement that she can not wait to clarify with Matilde, after leaving the house, also in light of the last disagreement that occurred during the last episode.

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