Monday , September 20 2021

Someone was hospitalized for surgery and was the victim of an accident

Accident in hand for Нек, who communicates that he was hospitalized where he was subjected to a. surgery. The singer announced this in a tweet published on his official social pages. “I had an accident while I was at my country house and, a few days later, I was in the hospital after having surgery on my arm.“, Writes the singer who assures the fans about his health conditions.

Nek: “I’m fine, great doctors are following me”

Neck’s message continues: “I’m fine, that’s the most important thing right now. I am followed by great doctors and I will give you news soon, I believe that things are going well. See you soon“Let me clarify that the singer is fine, in addition to the reassuring message shared, there is also a photo posted on Twitter, a video taken in a hospital, but in which Neck shows his usual calm smile.

Dozens of famous colleagues who support him

Nek posted the message announcing that he was hospitalized on both Twitter and Instagram. Dozens of comments from colleagues in music and television who wanted to support him remotely, wishing him a speedy recovery. Among others there is encouragement from Francesca Barra, Lucilla Agosti, Chiara Squa Squad di Remove the news and many other. For Neck it would have been just an accident at home that forced him to be hospitalized and operated on, but it only needs to be resolved in a few weeks. Together with the singer, his partner Patricia Vacondio, with whom he has been married since 2006. His daughter Beatrice was born in 2010 from the marriage between Filippo Neviani and his partner. For Patricia, this is her second daughter. When she met Neck, the woman was already the mother of Martina, a child born from a previous relationship.

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