Friday , September 25 2020

Single Day 2019, Alibaba Record


(Telebra) – Single day from the record for Alibaba closing the 11th edition of "One Day" shopping at 268.44 billion yuan, equal to $ 38.37 billion in 24 hours.

The figure is set at midnight between Monday and Tuesday (Monday at 5pm in Italy) on the Chinese holiday, celebrating the pride of lonely hearts.

on performance on Jack Ma's e-commerce page were higher than analysts' expectations that they expected a return of 37 billion, from about 30.7 in 2018. Instead, they went beyond predictions. Quick numbers in mind: in this issue, they were enough 68 seconds to turn off the first billion dollars spent.

But what is a single day and how was it born? In China, November 11th has now become a key date for online lovers of online shopping: The so-called "single day" was originally born among students from Eastern universities who were aiming to organize a colleague on Valentine's Day.

It then became an opportunity to increase sales in a generally quiet time of procurement. The result? According to the latest data, to date, a single day generates turnover of two and a half times that of Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday combined.

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