Friday , September 25 2020

Singing Story, Bianca Guacero captivates and makes you dream with an interview with Dori Gazi


Bianca Guacero wants challenges and this is probably the key to her success. That's how it launches forward new job adventure, agreeing to lead A story of singing and, consequently, a challenge to the flagship Mediaset Saturday Night Program: You're Qui Wallace.

In support of Bianca Guacero there is Enrico Rugeri. They both love music and probably none of them could drive better A story of singing. The show, in fact, aims to tell the story of myths about Italian music starting with Fabrizio De Andre, passing through Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniel, Lucio Batiste and many more.

There is no indifferent commitment to Bianca Gaacero, who is also working with the leadership of Said Fact on Rai Due. The presenter, however, does not seem to feel tired and, in fact, a few days after the broadcast began. elegantissima, the presenter chose a total black look for this momentous evening: a set made of a long skirt and a sweater with banners and sleeves. After being introduced by Enrico Rugeri and Massimo Ranieri, he officially embarked on a journey into the history of Italian music:

I am very happy – he said, visibly excited – to be here tonight. We will make the journey through our emotions and our memories. I have a childhood memory of Fabrizio De Andre. I remember my 45-year-old father, I knew the songs by heart.

Then he led nice interview to Dori Gazi, wife of De Andre's lifelong companion. Asked by Guacero how Fabio won, the singer replied that in reality, court has never been courted. Indeed, a special feeling immediately established between the two.

Fabrizio – Dori admitted – he never bothered me. Not in the true sense of the word. As if we knew each other forever, and we continued with the talk. I've always felt comfortable with him. This applies to all the people she met, it was just a skill she had.

Romantic memory it warmed the hearts of the public and, above all, Fabrizio De Andre's fans. For them, Dori Gezi and Bianca Guacero couldn't have made a better gift.

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The layout chosen by Bianca Guacero for a singing story.

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The layout chosen by Bianca Guacero for a singing story. Source: Rai.

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