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Shenmue 3, can reviews be published two days after the game is published?

According to what appeared in these hours, it seems reviews on Shenmue 3 can only be published after the game was announced, even two days after the start of the new Ysnet title.

Although the expiration ofembargo for examinations now coinciding with the date of the game announcement as a general trend, this case is rather strange: with the official release date of the Shenmue 3 set for November 19, it looks like the expiration date of the embargo is November 21, 2019 . It is therefore published two days from the date of publication to the one in which reviews are possible.

The question implies a certain logical discrepancy: if the embargo is used to protect consumers from rumors and information released ahead of time, imposing a block of information that lasts 48 hours after it is officially made public is a move that makes no sense.

There is an inevitable reading of the matter, which shows a request of this kind related touncertainty what developers havewelcome the game by critics. In fact, some argue that the two-day postponed embargo after launch serves to disrupt the initial sales of Fenmu 3, in the likelihood that reviews may be negative. Obviously, at the moment it is just about assumptions, just in case.

This was the case even recently with Double Fine's Broken Age, but was later remedied by moving the embargo to the posting date following the controversy surrounding the news spread.

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