Saturday , January 16 2021

Shakhtar-Inter: reporting cards. Blenda Troubin 7, Lukaku Security: 6.5. Lautaro worst – La Gazzetta dello Sport

  1. Shakhtar-Inter: reporting cards. Gate Valve Troubin 7, Lukaku Safety: 6.5. Lautaro the worstGazeta delo Sport
  2. Champions League, partial: Bayern Munich is in Moscow. White nets in KievALL WEB MARKET
  3. Marota: “We have to win points, today one of the many finals. Balance? The awards of the champions … “fcinter1908
  4. FINAL Shakhtar-Inter 0-0 | La directGazeta delo Sport
  5. Inter, serious budget losses The latest between Suning and
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