Monday , September 20 2021

“Satisfactory debate, we put our heart and soul to explain that the matches are played on the field. It takes a few days for the outcome”

Napoli lawyer Matthias Grassani spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli microphones to comment on today’s debate: “A monstrous, extra-large trial, in my memory of homologating the results of a match, has never been so time consuming. The trial was satisfactory, we put our hearts and souls on the field to explain that the games must be played No other precedent ended 0-3 in the table and the penalty point, this concept was confirmed in several ways by the centrality of ASL with many others companies in similar situations, this was the dominant theme. It was a very difficult debate, the topics were many, and above all what will emerge from the censorship is the credibility of the sports system, with an exponential increase in positivity, consider sanctioning the missed trip to Turin prevented by ASL Napoli 1 and 2, repeated the day race, it would be an offense for all athletes and an attack on the credibility of the sport, otherwise it would jeopardize the importance of the whole championship dare the fact that the court understood, otherwise Napoli would be the only club that suffered an unfair decision.

Decision? Contrary to the practice, which is to publish the device the same night, they preferred a decision that is complete with the reasons, this way the decision will be understandable to all players in the sports world. It will take at least a few days to know the outcome of this complaint.

Intervention by De Laurentiis? He opened the calculations because he was the owner of the club, and then the signatories intervened for technical defense. The President’s speech addressed values ​​and issues such as that of sports justice, the value of contenders who must determine the outcome, not an unfair measure. Napoli, in this affair, is none other than a victim of crime, not an author, did what every citizen should do. Football cannot live above society. President De Laurentiis went straight to the hearts of the referees, he talked about important issues such as the right to public health, no comparisons with superficiality or under the orders of the football system that must be adapted.

Other ASL interventions? And this weighed. Every day since October 4, the Juve-Napoli case we defined as a pilot has reached a dead end. This case expresses cases such as those under the age of 21 in Iceland, or ASL blocking athletes, are situations in which the centrality of the only entity to deal with public health has emerged, and that is not the FIGC, the protocol, even yesterday’s example showed that we can only stick to what the ASL says and only in the case of Juve-Napoli it did not happen, with unacceptable sanctions. “In our opinion, the appeal has a good reason to conclude positively for Napoli, as well as to restore regularity.”

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