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"Salvation is still possible." Campedelli slides in Ventura

Mimmo Di Carlo, 54 years old. LaPresse

Mimmo Di Carlo, 54 years old. LaPresse

At Chievo's house today was the day of Mimmo Di Carlo. Coach Lazio, for the third time on the giallobl bench, was officially presented in the company of the owner of Campedelli.

Di Caro's first words during the presentation were: "This is my home, I believe in salvation and thank you for the opportunity that I received the opportunity to return to Serie A. Chievo granitico and I can play with everyone safely." The resumption of the championships, because there will be a trip to Naples, a commitment that will not scare the coach: "This group has values ​​to be able to play with Napoli, we must find peace and enthusiasm. We must fight and fight." The end of the championship is still far away and possible goal: "I'm just saying that we are in November, it's time to make up for it". Then a message for fans: "I want to tell them that as a trainer I do not give a centimeter, and it must be safe."

goodbye bitter
Words of hope, those Di Caro, after the dust caused by the farewell of Giampiero Ventura. A former coach who gave up after only four races, he did not want to talk to Campedelli: "The voices come from one ear, which is great, and come out from the other, which is also great." Suppressing the melodies with a joke, he did not turn away from the controversy surrounding the differences of opinion: "I do not want to comment, everyone is responsible for their choices, I am satisfied with the return of Mimmo Di Carlo." So he imposed the word "end" on himself.


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