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Roberto D & # 39; Alimonte: "The Huge Mistake Luigi Di Miao Will Make"

on M5S no longer fun, no longer fishing right and left as when it was a movement of discontent. And that past does not come back, if Luigi Di Mayo he thinks he's making a serious assessment error. " Roberto Alimonte, a political scientist and director of the Lewis Electoral Research Center, in an interview ItaliaOggi, he makes his analysis of the party led by Di Mayo that is now what he calls the "new left". If Di Mayo really wants to go back to his origins, he is very wrong: "That means that instead of running, they will fly small flags. The Malpensists' anti-caste party does not rule by itself."

In short, “potentially they are fun of the new left. Yesterday they were transversal, post-ideological, attractive, taking votes from right to left. The nation's party of discontent. Today may be the new left, "continues Alimonte. But they must" abandon the antiwar battles and become the protagonists of the progressive camp, where to challenge the leadership of the old left, which is PD. So, it can be a needle on the scale, otherwise the M5s won't go anywhere. "

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After all, the five stars are falling apart. they lost in all regional elections held during the government of Venice (Abruzzo, Basilica and Sardinia) in favor of restraint and League. And now in Umbria with PD. But do not ally with anyone as Di Mayo claims, according to D & # 39; Alimonte it would not make sense because "then they will remain in opposition in all regions, this Di Mayo does not say". As he did not say "what they will do to the Policies. Whether the rationale for isolation applies to the upcoming elections or not. "

Of course "many things depend on electoral reform." If anyone has to pass pure majority law like the one Salvini asks in his constitutional referendum "we would have an electoral system with 100% single-member constituencies. Without PD deals, the M5s at every college should have a stronger candidate from the center-right and center-left. In short, I would choose a handful of MPs and senators, it will force like Leu or a little more. Quite irrelevant. "

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