Sunday , January 24 2021

Rita Dala Chiesa on LifeLife, my daughter worries me about her behavior – News from Baritalia

Live life“He continues despite fearing the possibility of suspension due to some cases of positive coagulation. But then, fortunately, the situation returned and Alberto Matano, for the implementation of the program that is broadcast every afternoon on Rai 1, does not stop informing and keeping company in these autumn afternoons that are seen more and more at home due to the pandemic that shows no signs of stopping, indeed cases of infection are always more numerous .

Rita Dala Chiesa, a guest on Vita Live, made several statements about her daughter.

Rita Dala Chiesa is a very elegant and serious journalist who has been leading for many years “Forum “ on channel 5 and to whom he was a partner and wife Fabrizi Fritz that he left too soon.

Rita Dala Chiesa went as a guest in “Live life “ and made many personal confessions about his daughter that give a picture of what is happening in this period. Rita Dala Chiesa she said: “I’m worried about my daughter.”

And then he explained better what was happening Ululia, her only daughter said: “My daughter’s reaction worried me this morning. I had to buy a book, there is a bar nearby. I said, “Let’s have some coffee;” but she replied: “No, I do not drink coffee

And then she continued: “I was upset,” because she told me “I will not drink coffee because the cup may have been touched.” Е Rita Dala Chiesa he commented: “You can not enter such a vicious circle … maybe the bartender should use gloves or a paper cup.”

Alberto Matano leads Vita live alone

This year Alberto Matano lead Live life alone and is there any viewer with whom he has complained about this Maurizio Costanzo in his column he edited for the weekly New saying that Matano alone from the conduction is sad because Lorela Cucarini lacks smiles and lacks a female presence.

Constanto He defended Matano with a sword and said that, even if it is Cuckoos It was nice, Matano knows how to have a great time because he is a great journalist.

The cuckoo after being excluded from the behavior of Live life this year, at the moment, he has no television program.

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